Our Specialty

Homemade & Authentic

Homemade, authentic & traditional. All products are made with only the finest ingredients to create quality dishes with flavour that honours my heritage.

O SO GREEK Tzatziki Dip

A staple at every meal, tzatziki originated in Greece.  It is rich, fluffy and full of flavour, “O SO GREEK Tzatziki Dip” is my "Yiayia's" (grandmother’s) authentic traditional recipe.

The tzatziki dip is made with the finest yogurt, garlic, cucumbers, olive oil and other seasonings, every bite will take you to Greece!

Perfect on its own, as a dip, or served with grilled meats and seafood.

O SO GREEK Hummus Dip

Known as an ancient food hummus has been eaten for millenniums by many cultures. “O SO GREEK Hummus Dip” is my "Pappous" (grandfather’s) authentic traditional recipe which has been passed down by generations.

The hummus dip is made like my ancestors did a hundred years ago when food processors did not exist. I preserved the same process, style and flavor – a thick spread of ground chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon, garlic and other seasonings. The hummus will take you back to those days in old town Greece!

Perfect as a dip or served with grilled meats and seafood.